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iScreensaver Designer v2.0

LOS ANGELES, Oct 31, 2001 – After a three-week public beta test
period, <>Xochi Media Inc. is
proud to announce the release of :

iScreensaver Designer for Windows and Macintosh version 2.0

iScreensaver Designer is the world’s first and only cross-platform
screensaver editor. It will convert any QuickTime-compatible movie
(including MPEG, MooV, AVI, and Macromedia Flash files) into a
self-contained screensaver. The software runs on either Windows or
Macintosh, and either version builds screensaver for both platforms.
iScreensaver Designer has a mature and professional feature set that
is ideal for high-volume corporate advertising campaigns and sales


* Simplicity : build both platforms from a single machine!

* Content Locking : include a "deluxe" movie that is
hidden until users enter an unlocking code.  Sell these codes on
your website!

* Interactive Movies: include interactive Flash or QuickTime
movies that contain hotspots and buttons.

* URL links : easily send users back to your website.

* Full Branding : give the screensavers your corporate or
personal artwork, logos and text.

* Graphical screensaver control panel editor : preview the
screensaver  for both Macintosh and Windows from the same

* Variety of license options, from non-profit to full commercial

* Full (a
href=””)pricelist(/a) available at

* More (a
href=””)comparisons(/a) available

The software is available as a fully-functional
<>free trial download with
no time limits at

About the Company: Xochi Media Inc. has been producing custom
screensavers since 1993. Originally chosen as the developer for custom
modules for Berkeley System’s ‘After Dark’ Screensaver, the company
now produces a "do-it-yourself" toolkit called
"iScreensaver." The company also specializes in digital
video production, specialized multimedia, mass-audience projections,
and other forms of "eye candy."

Clients have included Epic Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Sony
Electronics, the Walt Disney Company, NBC Sports, Footlocker, the
Bettman Archives/Microsoft, Pacific Bell, Coca-Cola/Minute Maid,
Launch Magazine, Goldenvoice/Coachella Music Festival, and the
American Chemical Society.

iScreensaver Classic for Macintosh was the winner of
)(/span)00 Cubies Award for best Utility of the Year.

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