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Analyzer 3.0 for FileMaker Pro

[PR] Waves in Motion Releases Analyzer 3.0 for FileMaker Pro
New comprehensive database analysis tool now supports Windows

October 31, 2001 — Phoenix, AZ – What’s in your database?

Waves in Motion today released Analyzer 3.0, a brand-new database analysis
tool designed to take the guesswork out of building and documenting
FileMaker Pro solutions.

Completely rewritten to take advantage of the Database Design Report in
FileMaker Developer 5.5, Analyzer allows developers to cross-reference and
troubleshoot any element in their database and works seamlessly with Windows
98, NT, ME and 2000, Mac OS 9.x or higher and Mac OS X.


Analyzer pinpoints common database errors with its unique red Problem Dot
system that identifies broken relationships, broken value lists, missing
scripts and more. In a glance, Analyzer provides all dependencies for
fields, layouts, buttons on layouts, relationships, scripts, script steps,
value lists and passwords. With expanded hot linking capabilities, users can
jump to information about a referenced item with a single click, and work
across databases in both directions.

Analyzer comes with multiple solution and multiple analysis support. It
documents solutions, even multiple times, and stores information in one
convenient place. Users can add comments and notes to any element in the
database and create difference reports to track changes over time. When the
analysis is complete, generate summarized or detailed reports for printing
or viewing on screen.


– Supports Windows and Macintosh & Mac OS X
– Works with FileMaker Developer 5.5
– Provides detailed information on any element
– Searches any database element
– Shows red Problem Dots indicating potential errors
– Provides comprehensive object reference lists
– Hotlinks between related elements
– Provides complete project history
– Allows detailed notes on any element
– Creates difference reports to track changes
– Integrates with Visualizer 1.0 (Mac only)

Technical Requirements:

Analyzer 3.0 requires FileMaker Developer 5.5 and runs on Windows 98, NT, ME
and 2000, or Mac OS 9.1 or higher and Mac OS X.

Pricing and Availability:

Analyzer 3.0 retails for $289 for a full version with a single user license.
Multi platform licensing is available for $389. Volume and educational
discounts are also available. For complete details, pricing information and
to download a demo version of Analyzer 3.0, visit:


Waves in Motion is a full service development and consulting firm
specializing in FileMaker Pro enabling technologies and offers database
needs analysis, custom consulting and co-located web hosting. Popular
developer tools and solutions include Analyzer, Visualizer, Dragon Web
Surveys, Course Wizard and a suite of oAzium Plug-ins – Events, Portal
Filter, Date and Time, FileTools and Smart Card. Waves in Motion is a
Partner Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance and a member of the Apple
Solutions Experts. Imagine the things you can do! =81

Waves in Motion, The Analyzer and Visualizer are trademarks of oAzium L.L.C.
FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Developer are trademarks of FileMaker, Inc.

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