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Waves in Motion Releases Visualizer 1.0 for FileMaker Pro

[PR] Waves in Motion Releases Visualizer 1.0 for FileMaker Pro=81
Entity relationship (ER) diagramming tool charts new territory

October 23, 2001 — Phoenix, AZ — Waves in Motion today announced
Visualizer 1.0, an entity relationship (ER) diagramming tool for FileMaker
Pro. From prototyping to documenting, Visualizer adds a new dimension to
the development process.

“Visualizer is the first tool of its kind,” said Barney Lawn, President of
Core Solutions, a FileMaker Pro consulting and training firm in Toronto,
Canada. “Imagine automatically creating an ER diagram based on an existing
FileMaker Pro database structure. Now imagine creating a new structure on
the fly and instantly creating a colorful and visual representation of your
prototype. That’s Visualizer.”

Visualizer allows developers to choose which fields are displayed,
including table view, show key fields and show all fields. Assign custom
colors and see a visual map of the selected fields, complete with animated
relationship lines. With flexible page control and alignment options, users
can easily design, preview and print ER diagrams during any phase of

Visualizer 1.0 is currently available for the Macintosh platform only and
requires FileMaker Pro 5.0 or higher.


– Runs natively on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
– Creates instant Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams
– Custom views include table view, show key fields or show all fields
– Custom color-coding
– Animates relationships associated with selected entity
– Powerful layout and alignment capabilities
– Viewable printing options to show printable area
– Full scriptable for automation needs

“Developers will find Visualizer to be invaluable in their arsenal of
It’s one of those products that definitely falls into the category of
‘I must have it now,'” said Lawn.

Pricing and Availability

Visualizer 1.0 retails for $ 99 (US) and includes a single user license,
all documentation and product tutorials. For complete details, multi-user
pricing information and to download a demo version of Visualizer, visit:

More testimonials:

“At last I have a true ER diagramming and design overview tool which I can
use with FileMaker Pro. Visualizer is as easy to use as point-and-click,
and has become an integral part of my database design process.”
– Darren Terry, Pacific Data Management

“It’s a fantastic tool, and one that FileMaker developers have needed for
years.” – FileMaker Pro Advisor Magazine, November 2001

About Waves in Motion

Waves in Motion is a full service development and consulting firm
specializing in FileMaker Pro enabling technologies and offers database
needs analysis, custom consulting and co-located web hosting. Popular
developer tools and solutions include Analyzer, Visualizer, Dragon Web
Surveys, Course Wizard and a suite of oAzium Plug-ins – Events, Portal
Filter, Date and Time, FileTools and Smart Card. Waves in Motion is a
Partner Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance and a member of the
Apple Solutions Experts. Imagine the things you can do! =81

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