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TopCalculette 3.2

)PRESS RELEASE – TopCalculette and TopCalculette Pro 3.2

TopCalculette and TopCalculette Pro 3.2. are available.

This new version runs on both MacOS 9.2 and MacOS X v10.1.
It offers new units and currencies, new rate margins keys as
well as a functioning improved on Mac OS X.

Link :

)About TopCalculette Pro :

TopCalculette is a very handy and useful calculator, equipped
with all the functions that a Mac user has the right to expect:
paper tape, drag&drop, quick keys to calculate rates, percentages
or margins, a keypad with 12 customizable keys, an integrated
converter including 148 units and 49 currencies, currencies
updated via the Internet, accounting mode…

TopCalculette’s appearance uses skins well-matched to the current
Macs, which can be personalized by the user.

In some years, TopCalculette has emerged as a standard of the Mac,
that the PC users often envy us. Since July, TopCalculette has been
chosen by Apple to be integrated in all the iMacs sold in Europe.

)TopCalculette and the Euro :

Its integrated converter and its tape make of TopCalculette the most
useful calculator to face the passage from the Franc to the Euro.

)Marketing :

Topcalculette can be purchased on-line, its price is:
TopCalculette : US $12 (13.57 Euros)
TopCalculette Pro : US $19 (25,76 Euros)

)TopCalculette can be tried for 1 month without any limitations.
)3 localizations are available:

US version:

French version:

German version:

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