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NetDIVE WeMeeting and eAuditorium

NetDIVE leads the market for Internet based conferencing

San Francisco CA, Oct/16/2001 –
NetDIVE ( WeMeeting and eAuditorium systems lead
the market for Internet and Web based conferencing.

In the current economically uncertain times it has become well understood
that businesses must save significant amounts in regard to the cost of
Travel and communication by conducting as much corporate real time meetings
through the Internet as possible.

NetDIVE WeMeeting and eAuditorium systems are the clear market leaders for
enabling practical, feature packed conferencing through the Internet in
multimedia. Whether for general corporate meetings, customer communication,
distant learning, etc. you will find the most powerful multimedia
communication and conferencing capabilities through NetDIVE WeMeeting or
eAuditorium systems.

The cost savings and productivity gains that NetDIVE conferencing systems
can bring an organization are simply incredible, for example a 90 Minute
Voice conference for 30 people through other alternatives will cost
$1,250.00 minimum, through NetDIVE conferencing systems this cost can be
essentially reduced to Zero. Multiply this by daily usage, add to it all
the other features of WeMeeting and eAuditorium for conferencing and you
can see that they present to a business the best ROI by far of any software

Businesses can see this for themselves, by trying for free WeMeeting &
eAuditorium at NetDIVE Web site and seeing first hand how it is vastly
superior to any other competing offering, such as: Webex=F4 (Nasdaq webx),
Placeware=F4, Centra=F4 (Nasdaq ctra) or RainDance=F4 (Nasdaq rndc), while
costing a fraction of their prices.

To illustrate the fact that NetDIVE WeMeeting or eAuditorium are by far the
leading systems for Internet based conferencing, and to help businesses
world wide in this time of uncertainty regarding Travel, NetDIVE is
offering current customers of other Internet/Web based conferencing
systems, 50% off for just trying NetDIVE WeMeeting or eAuditorium before
switching over and new customers not upgrading from an existing
conferencing system 25% off.

About NetDIVE.

NetDIVE based in San Francisco California is the market leading developer
of software systems for enabling Internet based communication. NetDIVE
offers the only complete, end to end solution, for enabling communication
through the Internet: from the most essential of Internet communication –
Email, to the most advance multimedia conferencing systems of eAuditorium
and WeMeeting. For Press Related questions or to set up a demo or interview
please contact, for sales related questions please contact Phone (415) 348-9748, Fax (415) 543-4701

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