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Formac 17.4″ ADC flat panel display

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Formac announces 17.4″ ADC flat panel display

Formac gallery=811740 to be first TFT display combining cutting-edge
Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment technology and revolutionary design.

BERKELEY, CA – October 15th, 2001 – Formac Electronic Inc., a leading
manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and advanced
visualization solutions, today announced Formac gallery=81 1740, the world’s
first 17.4″ flat-panel display with Apple Display Connector (ADC).
Combining beautiful form and smart functionality with Fujitsu’s
revolutionary Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment (MVA) technology, Formac
gallery=81 1740 outperforms comparable Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) in
picture and video quality. Formac gallery=81 1740, the latest product in
Formac’s award-winning form + function=81 line, is designed for profession=
applications, such as desktop-publishing, CAD/CAM, video editing as well as
data-intensive business applications and is compatible with Macintosh
computers with ADC interface.

“Engineering advanced graphic and visualization solutions for the Macintosh
has been Formac’s strength for more than 14 years”, said Oliver Bergmann,
Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and President of Formac Inc. “Formac
gallery not only sets new standards with regard to industrial design but
also incorporates Formac’s self-developed and proprietary graphics
technology. The revolutionary concept of the gallery display provides a
solid foundation to distinguish it from competitive products and will
further sustain and extend Formac’s market-leadership in Europe. And it is
the perfect occasion to introduce our award-winning displays to the US

“As the technology leader for high-performance display technology, Fujitsu
is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Formac.” said
Brendan Mc Kearney, Director, Business Unit Displays of Fujitsu
Microelectronics Europe GmbH “The cooperation, which combines the superior
performance of Fujitsu’s LCD technology with Formac’s excellent reputation
in providing advanced visualization solutions, marks a new era in flat
panel solutions, and provides Macintosh users with an unrivaled viewing

Combining the technical superiority of Fujitsu’s MVA technology with the
advantages of a true digital interface (ADC) Formac gallery=81 1740
supercedes comparable LCDs as well as CRT displays in picture and video
quality. The active matrix LCD yields higher brightness (220 cd/m2),
increased contrast (400:1), and provides a fine dot pitch of 0.27 mm,
resulting in sharp, brilliant and crystal-clear images. The
industry-leading pixel response time (10-25ms) predestines Formac gallery
for professional video work, allowing full-motion digital video playback
with fluid motions and eliminating the ghosting effect often found on flat
panel displays. The ultra-wide viewing angle allows users to view crystal
clear images with accurate colors from a viewing angle of up to 160 degrees
– from sides, top or bottom. Formac gallery’s=81 true 24-bit technology
delivers a rich palette of 16.7 million vivid colors allowing graphic
artists to professionally match and calibrate colors. To ensure the
highest in LCD quality, Formac’s displays undergo an industry-leading
screening process, reducing the allowable number of pixel anomalies below
the one of comparable displays in the market.

Equipped with an Apple Display Connector, Formac gallery=81 is an all-digita=
solution, i.e. the display data is supplied digitally from the Macintosh.
Without losing signal quality through analog conversion Formac’s LCD
produces crisper images than analog-driven flat panels. The true digital
interface also negates the need for manual adjustments of the image by user
controls such as CRTs require. The advanced LCD technology and constant
light output means that Formac gallery=81 1740 minimizes eyestrain, as it
eliminates flicker and loss of light.

Formac gallery=81 1740 features high quality multiple resolution support a=
a true resolution of 1,280 by 1,024. This is equivalent to the virtual
workspace typically selected on a 21-inch CRT monitor. Compared to a
standard 17-inch LCD Formac’s 17.4-inch display increases the virtual
workspace by approximately 5%.

Setting new standards in industrial design Formac gallery=81 1740 combines
technical superiority with beautiful form and well thought-out
functionality. With an ultra-slim desktop footprint Formac gallery=81 1740
occupies a minimum of desktop space. Its functional hinge design allows
users to adjust the viewing angle to their individual preference. Formac
gallery’s=81 clear enclosure and its silver-painted bezel makes it a perfect
companion to Apple’s latest desktop computers and previous G4 cubes.
Special editions with different bezel-colors will be available at a later
point in time. Formac gallery’s=81 ADC connectivity, which combines USB,
power and video in one cable, makes set-up a breeze. Formac gallery=81 offer=
an integrated two-port powered USB hub for easy plug-and-play connections
to peripherals.

Pricing and Availability
Formac gallery=81 1740 is expected to be available in the US in beginning =
November 2001 through Formac Certified Resellers and Shop Formac!
( with an estimated retail price of U.S. $899. The display
comes with a 3 year limited warranty (labor and parts). Formac is taking
pre-orders starting Monday, October 15th 2001.

About Formac
Formac Electronic Inc., based in Berkeley, California, was founded in 1999
and is the US subsidiary of Formac Elektronik GmbH in Berlin, Germany.
With a well-established presence in Europe since 1987, Formac draws upon
its heritage of engineering excellence to provide high-quality products to
the US market. Formac delivers an award winning line of display,
multimedia and storage solutions for the Macintosh OS platform. Find out
more about Formac at

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