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MarbleX for Mac OS X


illumineX ships MarbleX for Mac OS X

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, October 10, 2001 –

illumineX today announced the availability of MarbleX, a new arcade game
for Mac OS X.

MarbleX is an all new implementation of one of the most popular NeXTSTEP
arcade games. Totally redesigned with a bright new Aqua interface, and
sporting all new graphics and new game-play levels, MarbleX is ready to
entertain millions of new Mac OS X fans.

One volunteer illumineX beta tester, Jim Reid, said, “Every time I turn
around, my iBook is missing. When I find it, sure enough, my wife or my
grandkids are playing MarbleX!”

MarbleX follows in the footsteps of BabelBloX, making extensive use of the
modern OS features found in Mac OS X. The MarbleX look and feel reflects
the design intent of the Aqua interface, without copying it verbatim. This
gives the game a nice flavor on Mac OS X. It fits in well, and yet it’s
fresh and original.

MarbleX provides full Mac Help, including strategy tips and a description
of the physics of the game, an animated dock icon, and both Windowed & Full
Screen display modes. MarbleX also features a “Chrome” theme for the game

Pricing & Availability
MarbleX includes a free-trial mode, and can be obtained from the illumineX
web site:

The software is available for free download. It can be registered for
$9.95 (US Dollars) by using the easy-to-use built-in registrar (select
“Register Online Now…” from the main MarbleX menu). Registering MarbleX
gives the customer access to play beyond the free levels. Each level is
more challenging than the last — the marbles fall faster, and new colors
of marbles are added.

MarbleX runs on Mac OS X only.

Privacy Policy
The illumineX registrar system in MarbleX uses a secure SSL connection for
all transactions with the illumineX e-commerce server. illumineX does not
provide your contact information to anyone without your expressed

illumineX develops both consumer software for Mac OS X and custom business
software, using Java and WebObjects. illumineX is committed to
delivering high quality software products which take full advantage of Aqua
and Mac OS X to the Macintosh marketplace.

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