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MacTech Hosts NEW Version of Mac C Carbon Programming Guide


— Macintosh C Carbon now available online
— Macintosh C Carbon Hard Copy Available to Pre-order

Westlake Village, CA — OCTOBER 5, 2001 — MacTech Magazine is proud to
announce that it has now released the latest version of Macintosh C —
“Macintosh C Carbon: A Hobbyist’s Guide To Programming The Macintosh In C”.
This online book, also available in hard copy, was created by K. J.
Bricknell as a freely accessible reference resource to learn Macintosh
programming. This is a fully “carbonized” and significantly expanded
version of MACINTOSH C, which has been hosted by MacTech magazine since

“The Macintosh C book represents what’s best about the Mac community,” said
Neil Ticktin, publisher of MacTech Magazine. “Over the years, K. J. has put
a tremendous amount of time into developing and maintaining this resource
and provided it to the community at no cost. And, we’re not only thrilled
that it’s been Carbonized, but that the biggest request — getting it as a
printed book — has now been fulfilled.”

In addition to the on-line and downloadable versions of MACINTOSH C CARBON
available at the MacTech site, the work is being published by SAMS
Publishing under the title CARBON PROGRAMMING. Ordering details for CARBON
PROGRAMMING are available through DevDepot
( or MacTech’s Macintosh-C page

MACINTOSH C CARBON comprises a 26-chapter book and an associated package of
demonstration programs. The book’s chapter titles are System Software,
PowerPC Run-Time Environment, Managing Memory, and Resources; The Classic
Event Manager – Low Level and Operating System Events; Menus; Introduction
to Windows; Carbon and Universal Procedure Pointers; Appearances;
Introduction to Controls; Dialogs and Alerts; The Finder and the
Application; Apple Events; QuickDraw Preliminaries; Drawing With QuickDraw;
Offscreen Graphics Worlds, Pictures, Cursors, and Icons; More on Controls;
Carbon Printing; More on Windows; The Carbon Event Manager; Files and
Navigation Services; More on Resources, and Core Foundation Preferences;
Carbon Scrap; Text, TextEdit, Dates, Times, and Numbers; Lists and Custom
List Definition Functions; Drag and Drop; Basic Sound and Speech;
Miscellany; More On Text – Multilingual Text Engine.

The demonstration program package assumes the use of the Metrowerks
CodeWarrior development system. It includes all project, source code,
Resorcerer resource files, and other supporting files for some 27
demonstration programs, about half of which are provided in both Classic
event model and Carbon event model versions.

The new version of Macintosh C Carbon is available online at:

And the much acclaimed and anticipated printed version is available at
( or by contacting DevDepot at
800-MACDEV-1, 805-494-9797, or

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