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Free Memory Show 2.3

For immediate release:

The Free Memory Show v2.3
Macintosh, OS 8.1 through 9.2.1

— Short Description:
Small tool to display free memory and to quit applications.

— Long Description:
The Free Memory Show (TFMS) does three things:

+ Displays the computer’s free memory in a small, unobtrusive floating
+ Notifies you when free memory drops a value that you determine.
+ Helps you regain memory by either quitting all applications or
quitting them one by one, in the reverse order of launch, until
enough memory is free.

— Links:

— License:
The Free Memory Show is “pay-what-you-like-ware”, starting at $5:

— Version Historie for The Free Memory Show 2.3:
+ A new function “Start step reverse quit of applications” let you quit
applications step by step until the desired amount of memory is regained.
This way you don’t have to quit everything to regain some memory.

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