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Shift Key Suite v1.0.6


Marc Mennigmann releases the “Shift Key Suite” v1.0.6

Iserlohn, Germany — Aug 25, 2001 — Marc Mennigmann today announced
the release of the “Shift Key Suite” v1.0.6, a powerful collection of
applications to extend the functionality of password protection systems
for Macintosh computers. v1.0.6 adds compatibility for the MacOS up to

Why Do I Want To Disable The Shift Key?

Holding down the Shift key when launching your Macintosh will prevent
all extensions to load at start-up. This is an interesting feature when
you have start-up crashes from incompatible extensions and control-

However, if your system is running smooth, you may want to protect your
computer with a password protection or a similar application/extension.
Most password protections for the Mac are extensions or controlpanels.
Therefore you can simply bypass them when holding down the Shift key at

This is where the “SKS” comes in. It gives you the option to disable the
Shift key only for the start-up time. After your Mac booted, the Shift
key works as it always worked when you worked with your Mac.

The “Shift Key Suite” is US$5 shareware. It is available from Marc
Mennigmann’s web site and all major Macintosh
shareware archives and ftp sites. The “Shift Key Suite” is free for all
registered users of the Macintosh password protection THE BLOCK.

System Requirements: Any Apple Macintosh or clone running MacOS System
7.0 or later.

What’s New?
v1.0.6 adds compatibility for the MacOS 9.2 and 9.2.1. All systems since
MacOS 7.0 are supported now.

The “Shift Key Suite” is available now, and may be downloaded through:

The filesize is about 156K.

Other software from Marc are available at:

Home Page

About Marc Mennigmann
Marc Mennigmann is the author of a number of well-received products,
including the Macintosh password protection THE BLOCK, the reminder
application “Recall” and “Navigator Enhancer”, an application to
enhance Netscape’s internet browser.

Marc Mennigmann distributes his products under the shareware
principles: try before you buy and minimal or no marketing costs.
As a result, shareware costs a fraction of the price of most other
commercial software.

Contact Information: Marc Mennigmann
World Wide Web:

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