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Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 4.0.3

Power On Updates Now Up-to-Date & Contact

Press Lauds New Release for Brisk, Intuitive Operation

Columbus, Ohio – August 17, 2001-Power On Software, Inc. today announced
the immediate availability of Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 4.0.3. This
new release of the #1 best-selling Macintosh contact management and
scheduling software addresses the following usability issues:

* Fixes a problem that made Meeting Availability inaccessible from the
meeting menu or from meeting administration

* Eliminated a problem that caused incorrect data to print in custom fields

1-4 in a contact list if “fit to page” had not been checked

* Fixes a problem that caused a -1 error when printing a contact list
containing data from custom fields 5-12

Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 4.0.3 offers a plethora of vital new
features. Now Up-to-Date & Contact has dominated the Macintosh PIM market
for nearly a decade, and the latest release offers a range of features that
is unequalled in any other product on any platform. With an emphasis on
extreme ease of use and automation, the product manages to provide
unmatched power and simplicity. The new offering, which is compatible with
Macintosh OS 8.6 through Macintosh OS 9.1 and classic mode under Mac OS X
incorporates these new features:

* Additional user-definable custom fields to allow greater flexibility in
the storage of additional contact information

* Additional Internet/email/phone fields to handle multiple email
addresses, URL addresses, and communications data

* Ability to view more detailed information in QuickContact=81, Power On’s
instant-access contact locator

* Shared keywords in multi-user environment

* Migration tool that permits users to extract their data from Microsoft
Entourage and automatically enter it into Now Up-to-Date & Contact

* Full TCP/IP implementation for support of firewalls and NAT routing

* One-click sorting and the ability to sort on multiple levels

* Drag and drop layout capabilities for customized list view

* Pop-up labeling of headers in list view

* Ability to attach graphics to contact records (maps, pictures, logos,
business cards, etc.)

* Advanced on-line support system that includes HTML Help System and
integrated web support that provides automated technical support with an
online solutions database that is updated regularly, as well as direct
email interface to technical support services and one-click access to
FAQ’s; also contains tutorial calendar and contact demonstration for quick
set-up and ease of use

* Completely redesigned and updated interface, including user-definable
background patterns, new toolbars, custom color selection

* Auto-dialing of contact phone numbers

* Ability to customize up to ten levels of prioritization

* New AlphaBar=81 for immediate access to contacts in list view

* New calendar views including mini-calendar navigation tool for
instantaneous modification of date view

* New Scripts Menu in both Now Up-to-Date & Now Contact modules, allowing
the addition of compiled scripts

* Completely updated AppleScript support that adds support for the
AppleScript Object Model, including AppleEvents from the Standard Suite and
the Table Suite; also includes design template and scripts for
automatically updating area codes, company information, and automating
scheduling. Also ships with templates for moving data from a custom field
to one of the new data-specific fields such as email, URL, or any custom
field. Also checks automatically for any data in a field to which user may
wish to move information

* Support for Microsoft Office 2001, including drag and drop support and
mail merge integration

* QuickFilter=81 for instantaneous selection of contact records in list view=
without invoking a search command

* Grab-‘n-Go=81 provides seamless integration with other major applications
that permits users to transform most data or messages into an appointment,
task, or other event, and to link documents and alert messages to those
items. Supported applications include Microsoft Office 2001, Microsoft
email products for the Macintosh, as well as Eudora, and other major email
products and applications

In addition to the features listed above, other highlights of Now
Up-to-Date & Contact Version 4 include the following:

* QuickPad=81 allows the entry of notes in English (such as “lunch with Bob”=
and lets Now Up-to-Date & Contact enter the appointment automatically and
schedule it for the correct time and person without running Now Up-to-Date
& Contact

* QuickContact=81 keeps important contacts available in the menu bar without
even having to open the application and allows searching for an important
number, URL, or email address without launching Now Contact

* QuickDay=81 permits entry of appointments and setting of reminders from th=
menu bar’s control panel without having Now Up-to-Date running

* Internet Plug-ins that offer instant access to contact-related maps,
nearby restaurants, email address finders, and much more

* Maintains complete contact histories of phone calls, correspondence,
completed items, notes and open to-dos

* Automatically logs email messages sent from Now Contact using all popular
e-mail programs

* AutoType=81 feature automatically enters names, addresses, or any other da=

* The ability to find contacts instantly by just typing in initials or a
few letters of a name

* Sort lists with a click, even adding multiple sort levels with an
additional click

* One click searches for all contacts of a certain category

* Use keywords to further refine contact searches

* The server based architecture permits multiple users even in remote
locations via TCP/IP connection

* Publish schedules and contacts to the Web and share with anyone, even if
they don’t own Now Contact and Up-to-Date with Now Web Publisher (included
for free)

* Drag and Drop data management

* Automatic synchronization of files between different computers, including
PowerBooks and desktops

* Complete printing and word processing built in, with incredible
flexibility and customization options for printing labels, envelopes,
letters, faxes, and popular calendar formats, such as DayRunner, Avery,
Franklin and Day Planner

* Built-in mail merge and support for Microsoft Word 98 and Word 2001 mail

* Built-in automatic timer tracks time spent on specific items to provide a
complete record of time expenditures

* Link files from any application to contact records

* Customizable calendar layouts for virtually any calendar look a user choos=

* Drag contacts onto the calendar to schedule events automatically

* Flexible reminders and alarm notification ensure no appointments or
deadlines are missed

* Automatically launch documents related to an appointment

* Calendar offers day, multi-day, week, month, and Year Views

* Add banners and custom graphics to calendars

* Automate creation of recurring events

* Workgroup calendaring permits invitations to be sent and automatically set=

Now Up-to-Date & Contact Designated Favorite PIM for Mac Users

Internationally syndicated columnist, Dave Horrigan, writing in his Mac
Facts column, noted that, “Power On Software bought it [Now Up-to-Date &
Contact] from Qualcomm =8A and added all the bells and whistles required to
have it resume its place as the favorite PIM for Mac users.” Mr. Horrigan
continues, “Now when a Mac user’s world starts to spin out of control I
just recommend getting a copy of Now Up-to-Date & Contact so that they can
start the habit of controlling their time and connections – I have them
start the habit of success.”

Availability and Pricing

Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 4.0.3 is available now and is free to all
registered owners of version 4.0 or later. The suggested retail price of
the product is $129.95, with electronic downloads available for $119.95.
Upgrades from earlier versions of Now Up-to-Date & Contact are $49.95, and
either purchase automatically qualifies for a free upgrade to version 4.1,
which is a native OS X version due later this summer. Now Up-to-Date &
Contact was one of the first products to be selected for sale at the new
Apple retail stores, as well as the Apple web site, and will be available
from Ingram Micro and Apple resellers everywhere later next month.

Additional information, including product screenshots and high-resolution
packaging graphics for the new release, is available at:

About Power On Software

Power On Software, Inc. was founded in 1993 and has established itself as
the leader in utility and business productivity software. Power On is the
developer of the MacWorld Best of Show award-winner, Rewind=81. Power On als=
owns and develops the Eddy Award-winning Now Up-to-Date & Contact and the
ACTION Utilities=81 Collection, which has consistently garnered industry
accolades, including Product of the Year, multiple Editor’s and Reader’s
Choice honors, seven World Class Awards as well as back-to-back Eddy Award
nominations. Power On Software is also the developer of Now Planner for
Macintosh and Windows, DiskLock, On Guard for Macintosh and Windows, as
well as Screen To Screen and LAN Commander. Power On is committed to
providing the highest quality productivity software, with an emphasis on
total customer satisfaction.

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