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Quesa 1.6d14

The Quesa Development Team are pleased to announce the release of Quesa
1.6d14, the latest release of their portable Open Source implementation of
Apple’s QuickDraw 3D API.

This release features full support for picking (both 2D and 3D), fixes
several memory leaks and crashes, and improves OpenGL behaviour on Mac OS X
and Windows.

Applications written to the Quesa API can take advantage of an extensive
high-level 3D toolkit (including file importers/exporters, plug-in
renderers, and high-level geometries), while still leveraging the
performance of low-level OpenGL 3D hardware acceleration.

Major changes for 1.6d14 include:

– New support for picking (point, rect, and ray)
– Added support for transparent and animated textures
– Added new API calls for intersection tests, not present in QD3D
– Added new API calls for geometry projection, not present in QD3D
– Added support for screen space subdivision of NURBs
– Fixed several memory leaks and memory corruption bugs
– Fixed extraneous flicker and improved performance on Mac OS X
– Fixed rendering bug when rendering textures on little-endian CPUs
– Fixed rendering bug within PowerPlant applications
– Fixed rendering bugs in box and cylinder geometries

Quesa is a cross-platform Open Source project which re-implements the
QuickDraw 3D API under the LGPL license. It provides binary and source
compatibility with Apple’s QuickDraw 3D, while supporting multiple
platforms and operating systems.

For more information about Quesa, or to obtain pre-built binaries and demo
applications for Mac OS and Windows, please visit the Quesa web site:


The latest Quesa source code is also available from our CVS server, details
of which are on our web site.

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