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Troi Plug-in Power 6 CD-ROM

Troi Automatisering ships Troi Plug-in Power 6 CD-ROM for FileMaker Pro 5.5

FileMaker Developer Conference, Orlando-August 13th, 2001–Troi
Automatisering today announced it has begun shipment of the Troi Plug-in
Power CD-ROM volume 6, for FileMaker Pro 5.5 on Mac and Windows.

The Plug-in Power CD-ROM contains demonstration versions of 12 powerful
Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker Pro. It also contains plug-ins and utilities
from other leading developers. You’ll find all plug-in demonstrations
neatly organized and the CD-ROM saves you from hunting down the plug-ins
from the Internet.

Peter Baanen, company president, comments: “Over the last few months we
have been busy releasing new versions of plug-ins that have been tested
with FileMaker 5.5 and made compatible with Mac OS X and of course these
are all on the CD-ROM. Together with the range of third party plug-in demos
and the comprehensive, searchable database of all FileMaker plug-ins
available on the market, this CD-ROM is a must-have for all FileMaker
developers who want to use the best tools for their business”.

Troi will distribute the CD-ROM for free to attendees of the product
showcase at the FileMaker Developer Conference.

The Troi Plug-in Power 6 CD-ROM:
-Is a hybrid, cross platform CD-ROM and works on Mac and Windows -Offers
full working demo versions of the latest versions of all Troi Plug-ins
-Features plug-ins from other leading plug-in developers -Includes example
files and user guides
-Contains a database with references to all FileMaker Pro plug-ins, with
descriptions and web links
Fully functional demos

The Troi Plug-ins on this CD-ROM are the same as the registered versions.
The plug-ins can be tried out for 30 days, after which plug-in licenses can
be ordered on-line. After payment of the license fee, registration
instructions are sent. There is no need to download a registered version.

Featured 3rd party Plug-in Developers

All plug-ins and utilities of these leading manufacturers are on the CD-ROM:
-Comm-Unity Networking Systems
-Dacons International
-New Millennium Communications
-Troi Automatisering
-X2Max Software

FileMaker Requirements

To use the plug-ins on the CD-ROM you need FileMaker Pro 5 or higher or
FileMaker Developer 5 or higher. Most plug-ins should also run without
problems on any machine that is able to run FileMaker Pro 4.0, FileMaker
Pro 4.1 and runtimes from FileMaker Developer Edition 4.0 as well as on Mac
68k machines. Some functions are not available for each platform or
FileMaker version. See the plug-ins’ documentation for details.

Pricing & Availability

Attendees of the product showcase at the FileMaker Developer Conference can
get a copy for free at the Troi Automatisering booth. After the conference
has ended copies of the Troi Plug-in Power CD-ROM can be ordered for $19
each. This includes (worldwide) shipping and handling. The CD-ROM works
with Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows95/98/ME and NT/2000. More information can
be found at Troi’s Web site at: (

Members of the press can apply for a free copy of the CD-ROM for review
purposes. You can apply for this copy at Troi’s Newsroom at:

Submitting your Plug-ins

We invite other plug-in developers that want to demo their plug-ins on
future versions of this CD-ROM: Please send us an email for more

About Troi Automatisering

Troi Automatisering is dedicated to providing the best tools for developing
FileMaker databases. For more information, visit our Web site at:

Contact information
Diana Budding,
Troi Automatisering
Vuurlaan 18
2408 NB Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31-172-426606,
Fax: +31-172-470539

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