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ATI unveiles next generation Radeons

ATI has announced its next generation Radeon processors, which will power the company’s future video cards. At the heart of the family is the Radeon 8500, which ATI claims delivers “up to 33 percent higher performance than the nearest competitive graphics processor.” The 8500 features ATI’s TruForm and SmartShader technologies, which improve image quality. The Radeon 7500, meanwhile, is a less powerful version of the 8500 but nonetheless delivers a performance improvement of up to 60 percent over the current Radeon. A card featuring the Radeon 8500 will ship in September with 64MB of RAM, dual-monitor support, and DVI/VGA connectors for US$399. A card with the Radeon 7500 will ship in late September with 64MB of RAM and dual-VGA support for $199. There’s no mention whether these cards will have Mac support out of the box; ATI has traditionally offered a Mac-specific card, typically either scaled down and/or at a price premium.

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