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Quitling for Mac OS X

Catchy Software Announces Quitling for Mac OS X

Goteborg, Sweden – July 25, 2001 – Catchy Software today announced
Quitling; the Dockling that strikes fear into any misbehaving Mac OS X
applications. With Quitling, you can instantly quit or force quit any
application or process, with or without its consent. Use it to terminate
crashed applications, applications you launch by mistake or applications
that simply have a bad attitude and could use a reprimand.

If you find it tiresome to manually quit roguish programs and processes all
the time, let Quitling do the job for you. Add a program to the AutoKill
list and it will never get a chance to even start. And for those of you who
would rather keep stuff alive than dead, try the AutoStart feature.
Quitling will make sure that any server software, mail programs or other
processes you need running continuously will immediately restart if
anything bad happens.

In short, Quitling can take care of most of your quitting and launching
needs, all from the comfort of your Dock.

Pricing and Availability
Quitling is available starting today, and can be downloaded from the
Quitling web page at It is
distributed as shareware and priced at $10. The full, registered version
contains a number of convenience features disabled in the unregistered one.

About Catchy Software
Catchy Software was founded in early 2001 and is dedicated to bringing
innovative productivity applications and games to your Mac OS X, Mac OS,
Windows and Linux computers and to your Palm OS compatible handheld device.
More information can be found at

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