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Sonnet unleashes slew of new products at Macworld

Sonnet today announced HARMONi, a 500MHz G3 first-generation iMac upgrade that also features FireWire. The US$299.95 upgrade will ship in the fourth quarter of the year. Sonnet also announced a 500MHz G3 upgrade for Apple’s “Wallstreet” PowerBook G3 series, which will ship in the third quarter for $399.95. In the storage space, Sonnet announced Piccolo, a tiny USB flash drive that will ship in August. Pricing will start at $99.95 for the 32MB version, and will range up to $599.95 for the 256MB model. Finally, Sonnet announced Tempo ATA100, an ATA/100 PCI controller card that will ship at the end of the third quarter for $119.95.

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