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db Reports 2.5b4

From: Aaron Bratcher (
Subject: [ANN] db Reports 2.5b4 now available

What’s new in beta 4:
– MS SQL Server should now work through ODBC
– Group footers that would not print on the top of the next page now print.
– REALbasic objects updated (REALbasic 3.0 needed)

db Reports is a cross platform report writing application that works
on Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, and any Win32 platform. With db Reports,
you can extract, format and print data from one of various data

Using the built-in assistant, or the easy-to-use drawing environment,
a report can be built quickly and easily. db Reports also supports
data grouping and fully recursive expressions.

String, Math, and Logical (including IF) expressions make db Reports
a powerful tool for analyzing data. REALbasic developers can print
reports in their applications using templates saved by db Reports.

*Depending on platform, data sources may include: 4D Server 6.7,
FrontBase, mySQL, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, postgreSQL, REALDatabase,

Aaron L Bratcher
What’s in your database? See it with db Reports

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