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Thursby announces Free Version of DAVE for Mac OS X

Thursby announces Free Version of DAVE for Mac OS X.

July 17, 2001, Macworld Expo, New York

At Macworld Expo in New York City, Thursby Software Systems announced they
are making a free release of the first Mac OS X version of their popular
DAVE Mac to PC file sharing software. Thursby Software is demonstrating
this new release at the show and is making it immediately available for
free download from their web site:

When asked why a commercial software company would give away a key
technology, company president, William Thursby, responded “”””””””Apple’s
engineers have done an outstanding job of supporting us. Unfortunately,
they just have not been able to complete the key features to allow us to
properly integrate DAVE into Mac OS X in a timely manner. We remain
optimistic that we will be able to release a commercial version of DAVE for
Mac OS X in the near future, but for now we felt that we owed early
adopters of Mac OS X an interim solution.””””””””

This free release will only work with Mac OS 10.0.4 and there is no formal
support for it.

Turning to a discussion of what the future holds for DAVE, Mr. Thursby went
on to note “”””””””The commercial release of DAVE for Mac OS X is well on its way
for beta but requires a future release of Mac OS X. This isn’t a product
that has been cobbled together from public source. It is a product that we
have invested millions of dollars into and that has been designed for the
Mac user from the very beginning. This release will not only include
formal support for Mac OS X, but will also include some key enhancements
for Mac OS 9.x users including support for very large files sizes and long
file names.””””””””

For details on the free download, go to

Thursby Software Systems, Inc. has been developing, supporting and
marketing a wide variety of file share and print share software solutions
since 1986. In addition to DAVE, Thursby products include MacSOHO,
TSStalk and MacNFS. For additional information, see the Web Site, or contact Randy Phillips 817-478-5070, (END)

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