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Post.Office for Mac OS X

Popular, robust, high-performance mail server soon available for Apple’s new OS

Santa Barbara, CA, July 17, 2001. Tenon Intersystems, under the auspices of
their Japanese partner, Open Technologies, will be bringing Openwave’s
Post.Office to Apple’s Mac OS X. Post.Office is a scalable SMTP/POP3/IMAP
messaging server designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized ISPs.
Post.Office can support 10 users or a hundred thousand users on a single
platform with appropriately configured hardware. Post.Office will be
available on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server 10.0 from Open Technologies in
the fourth quarter and will be solely distributed by Tenon.

Post.Office was designed from the ground up for ease of use, with an
uncomplicated, user-friendly interface. The anywhere, anytime Web forms
provide seamless navigation through the many Post.Office features. System
administrators can make changes from anywhere on the Internet using Web
forms with simple fill-in-the-blank fields and pop-up options.
Postmasters can use Post.Office to easily administer enterprise email
systems. End users can specify how their mail should be handled, join
mailing lists, and manage mailing lists.

Post.Office does not run with ‘root’ privileges and operates independently
of the host computer system, making it virtually impossible to compromise
the main system security via the email program.
Other security features include multiple password protection levels,
restricted user access to specific domains or hosts, limiting user forms to
appropriate subsets and Postmaster notification in the event of suspicious
activity. To curb the proliferation of mass unsolicited email (SPAM),
Post.Office offers SMTP mail relay protection to restrict the system and/or
users who may try to use the ISP’s email server to relay messages. In
addition, mail blocking feature can stop the delivery of all mail from a
particular system, domain, email address, or user name to prevent
‘denial-of-service’ attacks.

Pricing and availability will be announced in the future. Crossgrades and
sidegrades will be available for users of competing Macintosh mail servers
and for users of Tenon products.

About Tenon

Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in high-performance
networking. Tenon technology has provided the framework for world-class
networking on the Macintosh and Tenon is continuing that tradition on Mac
OS X. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the U.S. at 805-963-6983, by the
internet at, or via the web at

About Open Technologies

Founded in 1992, Open Technologies provides quality solutions for
computer-related needs by offering systems integration services and
information technology consulting. Open Technologies works with internet
and intranet environments, mobile computing, enterprise systems, and
embedded systems, in addition to distributing and supporting various
products, including Post.Office. Open Technologies can be reached in Japan
at +81 (3) 5940-7587, by the internet at, or via
the web at

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