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MTML 2.0

MTML 2.0 – The triad is complete:

The Mac classic version MTML editor shareware product, the Mac classic
freeware document viewer, and the new HTML cross-platform shockwave website
delivery system that was the original plan in the first place.

The document viewer was a spin off of the developer version created with
RealBasic. The MTML 2.0 Document Browser vn 2.0.2 created with RealBasic is
the developer editing system designed to support this new and final product
of the MTML system. Now it is possible to view HTML documents with MTML
inside on the internet. These documents can be viewed cross-platform by
anyone visiting your website that has, or gets the freely available
shockwave plug-in.

MTML Sub-Browser 2.0
relational text gathering system for the internet.

Freeware application for your website:
This is the new shockwave MTML 2 sub-browser. It supports basic HTML type
text formatting, and has a multiple download capability. MTML is now a
simple to use markup language for developers. This application, that runs
from your website, can facilitate a user selectable relational text
gathering capability by the use of hidden elements provided by you in your
own HTML documents.


Mark Brownell
Gizmotron Graphics

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