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Torrance, Calif. Aestiva, a leader in web-based technologies, unveiled the
release of Aestiva Knowledge Base, a searchable database application for
web sites.

Web site owners can add Aestiva Knowledge Base to a site for visitors to
search through an informational database. Visitors can use Aestiva
Knowledge Base to perform a variety of simple and complex searches through
dozens or hundreds of thousands of pages of information.

Features include a web-based administration module for setting up and
maintaining the knowledge database as well as tailoring the application’s
look and feel. Data can be added by staff or imported from other sources.
Staff has the ability to add entries and “”””””””hide”””””””” them from the public until
ready to display. Optional logging of search entries and clickthroughs is
useful for determining the effectiveness of your knowledge base.

Aestiva Knowledge Base features advanced HTML/OS technology developed by
Aestiva, and is one of a family of web-based Aestiva solutions geared for
those looking for advanced yet inexpensive site solutions. It’s a “”””””””ready
out of the box”””””””” component that requires no programming and can be installed
at shared hosted sites as well as dedicated servers. Aestiva solutions are
perfect for cost-conscious small businesses and independent web designers
looking to add to their offered products and services. And unlike ASP
solutions, Aestiva’s products are installed in one’s own site, with no
monthly fees.

For more information about Aestiva Knowledge Base, visit the Aestiva web
site at

About Aestiva
Aestiva, LLC, has been a leader in web-based computing technologies since
1996. Its products are cutting-edge web software applications that operate
on Unix, Linux, Windows and Macintosh platforms. Aestiva’s focus on
powerful yet easy-to-use web-based technologies has made its products
popular with thousands of web designers worldwide.

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