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Joy 2.3 for Mac OS X

For immediate release.


Vienna, June 27, 2001. Joy for Mac OS X, the popular developer productivity
and RAD tool by AAA+ Software, is now available in a new and improved
version featuring full support for the new Mac OS X Project Builder and a
less obtrusive registration reminder!

“If you tried out Joy 2.2 for Mac OS X and were put off by its dependency
on the obsolete ProjectBuilderWO or that pesky registration panel,
definitely give Joy 2.3 another try,” said Rainer Staringer, CTO of AAA+
Software. “No developer learning Cocoa can afford to do without Joy!”

Joy provides the fastest path for developers to learn Cocoa, the new way of
developing applications for the Mac. It is the tool of choice for everyone
who wants to peek under the hood of the new Mac OS!

Use Joy’s run time class browser and object inspector to debug your own
programs, or even to inspect Cocoa applications you don’t have the source
code for. Use the built in scripting language (syntactically compatible
with Objective-C and JavaScript) to send messages to any object and to
teach new methods. Call Carbon API and Java methods interactively from the
Joy command window. Use Joy with Apple’s Interface Builder to develop
standalone Mac OS X applications in record time.

What’s new in Joy 2.3?

– Support for Apple’s new Project Builder and EOModeler
– Less annoying registration reminder
– Updated tutorial

What else can I do with Joy?

That depends only on your imagination!

Here at AAA+ we have used Joy, among other things:

* For rapid development of prototypes
* For Enterprise Objects and WebObjects development
* As a learning tool for newcomers
* As a supplement to Apple’s documentation
* To quickly find out names and prototypes while programming
* To hunt bugs
* To demonstrate Carbon before it was there
* To play starting at level 60, with 100 balls
* To do the impossible

For a more detailed description of these examples, go to

Pricing and Availability

Joy is available for Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Windows and OPENSTEP.

To download the software go to:

Use of the software is free for evaluation purposes. A free unlock code can
be ordered by email, with the response being sent by our automated servers
in minutes. Users are welcome to take as long as they need to evaluate the
software, by requesting as many unlock codes when and as they require.

Regular licenses are $69 for users who develop only small scale
applications, and $399 for unlimited use. For details, see:

In keeping with a long-standing tradition, all our registered users are
welcome to upgrade to Joy 2.3 for Mac OS X free of charge.

About Joy

When Joy was first introduced, it won a Best Tool for New Technologies
Finalist Award at Macworld San Francisco, 1998. That was before we added
Java support and a new, Objective-C and JavaScript-compatible syntax!

Further information

Feel free to contact AAA+ Software and the Joy team on:

Fax: +43-1-533-68-90

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