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ListSTAR 2.2

June 10, 2001 – MCF Software today announced the release of ListSTAR
version 2.2, an update to its powerful and customizable list server and
e-mail manager software.

ListSTAR version 2.2 features and changes
*The ability to add a subject prefix.
*The ability to add a message footer.
*A new serial number scheme.

With ListSTAR version 2.2, MCF Software is introducing a new license key
scheme which is subscription based. These new keys allow the user
(subscriber) to run any subsequent version of ListSTAR that is released
AFTER the key’s activation but before the key’s expiration. The standard
key expires one year after activation. Once the key expires,
previously-released software versions will continue to work with that key,
but any software versions released after the key expires will require a new
license key.

We have chosen this method because it allows us to release new versions as
necessary without having to wait to roll all the changes into one big
upgrade that would be something that people would feel acceptable paying
for. People who don’t want any newer functionality or features than their
current version provides can continue using that version indefinitely with
their ‘expired’ key. This will include the Mac OS X version when it becomes

Anyone who purchased ListSTAR from MCF Software will get a new key that
will be valid for one year from the original purchase date.

The fee for a one year subscription is $69 per license, with discounts
available for multiple year subscriptions.

Contact us at sales @ if you have any questions.

ListSTAR is a powerful and completely customizable list server and e-mail
manager which can handle all kinds of e-mail like no other list server on
the market today. It can handle simple mailing lists all the way to complex
e-mail routing applications.

ListSTAR is available from the ListSTAR web site (
as well as from Developer Depot (
Subscriptions can be purchased at the ListSTAR web site.

ListSTAR – Supercharge your e-mail system into a powerful internet
mailing list publishing tool.

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