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IntelliMerge 1.2.6

Subject: [ANN] IntelliMerge 1.2.6

Good day,

Intelli Innovations, Inc. today posted IntelliMerge 1.2.6, a new update to
our dynamic, Mac OS X-compatible e-mail merge software for the Mac. This
update adds import capabilities from Now Contact, conditional statements in
HTML messages, return receipts, and improvements to file attachments.

IntelliMerge 1.2.6 Release Notes (summary)
* [New] Support for importing recipients from Now Contact from Power On
* [New] Conditional statements are now supported in HTML messages.
* [New] Return Receipt feature asks the recipient’s e-mail program to send
back a note saying the message was received and read (Message Options )
Advanced tab).
* [New] IntelliMerge now takes advantage of some internal text processing
optimizations developed for us by Theodore H. Smith from ElfData
( The new code speeds up message encoding and file
attachment processing.
* [Chg] The import introduction window has been revised to better describe
Entourage and Outlook Express import capabilities.
* [Bug] Some Word and Acrobat documents didn’t transfer properly using the
IntelliMerge file attachment feature – this has been fixed.
(see additional notes at link below)

Download (alt):

Release Notes Archive:

Best Regards,
Intelli Innovations, Inc.
Sales and Support Team
(919) 468-0340

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