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BatControls 1.0

LAJ Design is pound to announce the initial release of
BatControls which allows you to schedule multiple (up to 4) commands
or script files to execute on a user specified time period.

Ever have a project where you had to copy or move a file every two
hours, after about 4 hours you get tired of copying or moving. Let the
computer do the work with BatControls. Customizable for 4 simultaneous
timers to run. For each timer the user can specify either a command to
run (shell mode) or a file to open (Launch Only mode. In shell mode,
all commands are run like you are in command or in terminal (for NT
and 2000 see below). The results from the execution are copied into
the log. In Launch Only mode, the user specifies a files and
BatControls will launch the file as if it had been opened in explorer.
The registered user get the ability to save the configuration and to
select autostart. Autostart, automatically loads your saved
configuration and starts the timers as BatControls starts up. This
allows you to setup your configuration, put the program in your
startup folder, and not have to worry about starting the timers or
setting up their configuration.

For more information

To download for Windows
To download for Macintosh with MacOS
To download for Macintosh with MacOS 8 or
Note: NT and 2000 shell commands are not the same as DOS commands
(which in 95, 98, and ME are the shell commands)
Email any questions to (a

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