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Jiiva announces Beta 2 of RapidMQ

Middleware for the Mac!

Jiiva announces RapidMQ Beta 2, the first Messaging & Queuing technology
designed for Mac OS X.

Beaverton, OR (May 21, 2001) – Jiiva, Inc., announces a Beta 2 release of
RapidMQ available for immediate download from
Messaging & Queuing is quickly becoming the technology of choice for
computer network communications. With the unreliability of the global
Internet and uncertainty of end users being connected to the Internet,
software programs need a technology with an inherent ability to store,
forward, and listen for information. RapidMQ is the first Messaging &
Queuing technology designed specifically for Mac OS X.

RapidMQ Beta 1 was received with enthusiasm and praise from developers who
downloaded the beta and gave it a try. Jiiva developers have incorporated
much of the received feedback into Beta 2 and look forward to continuing
the positive growth of such an important product for the development

Downloading RapidMQ Beta 2 allows developers to learn about RapidMQ’s
features and provide an opportunity to get a head start in making plans to
incorporate RapidMQ technology into current and future software
applications. RapidMQ Beta 2 contains C APIs, several server agents, an
administrative application, preliminary documentation, and many example
programs. Beta users are encouraged to provide feedback, helping to ensure
RapidMQ Version 1.0 includes features that meet their needs.

Jiiva believes this Messaging & Queuing technology should be available and
affordable to all types and levels of software developers. Jiiva will sell
RapidMQ cheaper than current Messaging & Queuing products, many of which
are priced between three thousand and twenty-five thousand dollars for a
single server license. Although RapidMQ pricing is not available at this
time, Jiiva believes lower prices will allow more software development
companies to take advantage of the Messaging & Queuing technology by
integrating RapidMQ into numerous software programs.

Jiiva President, Mark Ericksen, is very pleased with the success of Beta 1
and eager to work with software development companies choosing to integrate
RapidMQ. “RapidMQ has really gotten developers excited. They are amazed by
RapidMQ’s versatility and how many problems it can solve within their own
software development.”

Jiiva’s overall mission is to produce high-quality software systems and
applications, making Jiiva’s software an integral piece of software systems
developed by other companies. Jiiva plans to become a leading software
manufacturer in the middleware software industry by outpacing the
competition in terms of product features, technological innovations, and
sales volume.

Jiiva, Inc., is a software development company dedicated to making software
development faster, easier, and cheaper. Quality design and quality code
are Jiiva’s strength and main focus. Software design is our passion. For
more information, please visit

Mark Ericksen, President
Jiiva, Inc.

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