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Preview WebSTAR V at WWDC

May 16, 2001. San Jose, CA.

Preview WebSTAR V at WWDC, May 21-23

4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension v6.7 RAD/RDBMS Environment and
WebSTAR Server Suite 4.4, will be demonstrating the next evolution of their
powerful Macintosh Server Suite, 4D WebSTAR V along with 4th Dimension
version 6.7 at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference to be held May 21-23
at the San Jose Convention Center. Stop by to talk to a 4D representative
about the exciting new developments for the Mac. 4D WebSTAR V maintains the
easy administrative interface while taking advantage of the speed and
stability of Mac OS X. 4D v6.7 offers a more flexible development
environment, an enriched set of web development tools and greater support
for larger database development.

“We are working hard to provide developers with the tools their businesses
need. Both 4D and 4D WebSTAR are being developed to offer a complete set of
tools that can be used together or separate to provide enterprise
solutions,” said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, 4D, Inc. “We are
especially excited about the future of
4D WebSTAR V, as it will provide web administrators with a tool that truly
takes advantage of Mac OS X’s dynamic new features.”

About 4D, Inc.

Located in San Jose, California, 4D, Inc. is the US distributor of 4th
Dimension and the 4D family of products, which has set the relational
database standard for over fifteen years. 4D, Inc., formerly ACI US, Inc.,
publishes a tightly integrated suite of professional, cross-platform
web-embedded development tools. 4D Inc is a 100 percent owned subsidiary of
4D SA, formerly ACI SA. StarNine Technologies is a 100 percent subsidiary
of 4D, Inc. StarNine publishes the award winning WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3,
a complete set of four high-performance servers in one easy to use

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