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Miles Sound System for Macintosh

Contact: Mitch Soule,
Phone: 425-893-4300

Date: May 15, 2001


Kirkland, Washington: RAD Game Tools today released the Miles Sound System for Macintosh. The Miles Sound System for the PC first shipped ten years ago and has been used in 2,500 games since.

The Miles Sound System supports all aspects of audio: digital output using a custom hand optimized assembly sound mixer, 18 DSP filters, MIDI support with a built-in software synthesizer, red-book audio, MP3 and ADPCM support, full 3D audio support, hard drive and CD-ROM data streaming, and much more.

The Miles Sound System digital subsystem is unmatched. It includes an amazing fast PPC assembly sound mixer, full bilinear sound resampling, 18 DSP filters, 3D digital support, built-in MP3 and ADPCM decompressors, and streaming support.

The Miles MIDI subsystem supports full interactive MIDI files, DLS using a built-in software synthesizer, compressed instrument sets and more.

Miles Sound System includes patent redistribution rights for the popular MP3 format licensed from the Fraunhofer Institute and Thomson multimedia.

The Miles Sound System information, demos, and tools can be downloaded from The Miles Sound System SDK is available now from RAD Game Tools at 425-893-4300.

RAD Game Tools, Inc. is an influential video game technology house founded in 1988. RAD Game Tools also publishes the Bink Video library that has been used in over 1,000 games for PC, Mac and Xbox, Granny 3D which has been used in over 100 games for PC, Mac, PS/2 and Xbox and Smacker video library that has been used in over 2,000 PC and Mac video games. RAD Game Tools is a privately held company headquartered in Kirkland, Washington.

The Miles Sound System is the premier sound system technology for the PC video game market. It has been licensed by the following companies (among others):

The 3DO Company, Accolade, Acclaim, Activision, Adeline Software, Adrenalin Entertainment, Atari, Attic Entertainment Software, Bitmap Brothers, Bits Corporation, Blue Byte, Blizzard Entertainment, Boffo Games, Broderbund, Bullfrog, Byron Preiss, Capcom, Capstone, Charybdis, Codemasters, Compaq Computer Corporation, Compton’s New Media, Cranberry Source, Criterion Software, Cryo Interactive Entertainment, Davidson & Associates, Deep River Publishing, Destination Design, Digital Domain, Divide by Zero, DMA Design, Domark, The Dreamers Guild, DreamWorks Interactive, Dynamix, Edmark, Edusoft, EIDOS, Electronic Arts, Epic Multimedia Group (EMG), FASA Interactive, Fenris Wolf, Firestorm, Future Vision, GameTek, Inc., Gorilla Systems, Hasbro, Headland Digital Media, Hypnotix, ID Interactive, Illumina Productions, Imagination Pilots, Impressions Software, Inscape, Interactive Magic, Interplay, Kesmai Corporation, Knowledge Adventure, Krisalis Software, Lander Software, The Learning Company, Legend Entertainment, Looking Glass Technologies, Magnet Interactive, Mattel Media, Maxis, MECC, Midway Home Entertainment, Mindscape, Motion Pictures, MPATH Interactive, New World Computing, Origin Systems, Inc., Papyrus, Phillips Interactive Media, Postlinear Entertainment, Presage Software, Psygnosis, Rage Games Limited, Realtime Associates, Revolution Software, Rocket Science, Sanctuary Woods, Scavenger, Scholastic New Media, Sci, Sculptured Software, Sega of America, Sega Soft, Sierra On-line, Simutronics, Sir-Tech, Software 2000, Software Toolworks, Spectrum Holobyte, The Avalon Hill Game Company, Starwave Corporation, Stormfront Studios, Strategic Simulations, Inc., Trecision, Trendmasters, Trilobyte, Upper Deck Co., Velocity, Viacom New Media, Virgin Interactive, Westwood Studios, Williams Entertainment, Windward Studios, Xtreme Games, Yamaha and more.

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