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Troi Text Plug-in 2.1 for FileMaker 5.5


Troi Automatisering releases Troi Text Plug-in 2.1 for FileMaker 5.5

First 3rd party plug-in to be available for FileMaker 5.5 and Mac OS X!

Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, May 15th, 2001–Troi Automatisering
today announced the immediate availability of its Troi Text Plug-in 2.1,
for FileMaker Pro 5.5 for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows.

What is the Troi Text Plug-in?

The Troi Text Plug-in is a very powerful tool for dealing efficiently with
text in your FileMaker Pro database. It adds the following functions to
FileMaker Pro:

– Combine sets from 2 text fields:
* get all lines that are the same
* get all lines that differ
* and other combinations
– Get (unique) lines and sort words and lines
– Make a text sum from a related file that even updates without a script.
– Parse XML Text into fields
– and more…

Peter Baanen, company president, states: “We are very proud to be able to
release the first plug-in for FileMaker 5.5. Finally we can take FileMaker
for a spin on Mac OS X! We are working hard to adapt the other Troi
Plug-ins for FileMaker 5.5 too and expect to be able to release them

New Features
Except for compatibility with FileMaker 5.5 and Mac OS X, the Troi Text
Plug-in 2.1 has the same functionality as the 2.0.1 version, which added
these new functions and features:

* New “XML” function.
With this function you can import information from XML data files and
parse it into your FileMaker Pro database. It will allow you to get
the specified node out of an XML formatted field. It will deal with
nested nodes, returning all child nodes or just the child node you
specify. You can also retrieve the attributes of nodes.

* New “NOTText” function.
Now you can also retrieve lines that are in one text field only.

* New SortLinesEx function
which can also sort in reverse alphabetical order.

*Improved “Version” function to retrieve the version number of the plug-in.
This allows you to check which version is running, so you’ll know if
certain functionality is available.

* Show the Flash Dialog from a script.
This makes checking the registration state for end users easier.

* New and updated Example databases
12 FileMaker files illustrate the use of each of the functions.

Together with the existing functions the possibilities are virtually
limitless. We invite you to test drive the new functions and see what
you can do with it!

Suggested Uses

* Present portal information horizontally
* Create an index for a book, which is updated automatically
* Find all addresses you want to send an email to, without sending duplicates
* Keep track of your client relations by generating a dynamic history
of activities
* Receive client information in XML format and parse it easily into
your database

Pricing & Availability

A fully functional version of Troi Text Plug-in 2.1 is available for
downloading at Troi’s Web site at:

The Troi Text Plug-in 2.1 works with FileMaker Pro 4 and later. The
plug-in is available for Mac OS 8.1-91, for Mac OS X and for
Windows95/98 and NT/2000, and costs US$ 32 per user. Product updates
from pre 2.0 versions are available from US$ 12 per user. Details on
developer licenses and multi-user discounts can be found on our web
site. You can order licenses via our web site.

XML formatted information

All information for this plug-in formatted in XML can be found here:

If you list our software you can use this XML data to automatically
update information of this product. For more information on this and
XSD (Extendable Software Description Language) look here:

About Troi Automatisering

Troi Automatisering is leading developer of cross platform FileMaker
Pro plug-ins, databases and utilities. For more information, visit
our web site at:

Contact information

Diana Budding,
Troi Automatisering
Vuurlaan 18
2408 NB Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31-172-426606,
Fax: +31-172-470539
Newsroom: (

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