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Sparkle Vol 2

13th May 2001 — Sapphire Innovations announces ‘Sapphire Sparkle vol 2 ‘ –
a new collection of symbols for Flash(tm) 4/5

Sapphire Innovations, today announced ‘Sapphire Sparkle vol 2’.

1000 royalty-free symbols for use within Flash 4/5.

The symbols come in a variety of shapes and styles stored in Flash
libraries – a vast selection of dynamic colourful ready-to-use imagery

Star symbols
Tangled shapes
Circular effects
Dots and blots
3D shapes
and more

These symbols can be used to incredible effect within Flash to create
either amazing animated effects or still images.

A demo set is available on

Pricing and Availability Information

Sapphire Sparkle 2 is available for NT , 98, ME, and Mac, and is priced at
UK 14.99 Prices are subject to change without notice. A bundle of sparkle
1 and 2 is also available at 20.99 –
for plugins, photoshop addons, frames, nozzles/grains and more For more
info please contact or fax us on UK 0207 376

Please contact us if you wish to be removed from this list – for plugins, photoshop addons, frames,
nozzles/grains and more
Sapphire’s Fax/Phone: (44) 0207 376 3110
Sapphire’s address: Sapphire Innovations PO Box 26064, Chelsea, London, SW10
0WH, United Kingdom

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