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WildPackets Releases “Carbonized” iNetTools

WildPackets Releases “Carbonized” iNetTools(TM) for Mac

Walnut Creek, California- April 26, 2001 — WildPackets Inc., developers of
EtherPeek(TM) and other comprehensive, affordable network management tools
for IT professionals, today announced the release of iNetTools for Mac
v.2.6, a renamed, upgraded release of AGNetTools for Mac.

The popular, menu-driven iNetTools IP test utility suite contains over a
dozen tools in a single user interface, including Ping, Ping Scan, Port
Scan, Service Scan, Throughput, Trace Route, and more. The new release is
“Carbonized” to run natively on both Mac OS X and 8.6/9.

iNetTools for Mac v.2.6 is included with EtherPeek for Macintosh, and is
also available for separate license purchase through the WildPackets
on-line store. The cost for a single license is $50.00. EtherPeek
maintenance owners receive the upgrade automatically as one of their
maintenance benefits.

A full-functioning demonstration version of the software can be downloaded
from our web pages at

About WildPackets, Inc.

Since our founding in 1990, WildPackets has been developing affordable
tools designed to simplify the complex tasks associated with designing,
maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing growing computer networks.
WildPackets customers include Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Lucent
Technologies, National Institutes of Health, Nortel, Yahoo! and others.
Information on WildPackets’ products, partners, training, and consulting is
available from

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