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ProTV Stereo Version 2.6.1

Dear Mac Enthusiast,

Starting today Formac is providing for download its latest ProTV software
version 2.6.1 . The software is compatible with Formac studio and ProTV
Stereo products.

What’s new or improved?

-) The latest version runs more stable on all Macs, especially on G4s
-) Random cutting off of audio signal on G4s has been solved
-) Smoother picture in “average-mode” and therefore better results when
-) Improved routines and error messages for faster and better problem
-) After using the TV mode all windows in the ProTV application will be
positioned correctly
-) ProTV will set the sound input automatically to the connected device at
first start
-) WebTools: Stalling of the application if more than 160 pictures are
stored in the folder has been solved.
-) French manual now available

For download please go to the support section (Software updates) at

Best regards,

Formac Electronic Inc.
1510 6th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
T +1 510.528.9300

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