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QuickCode Pro v4.2


Automated Solutions Group Announces QuickCode Pro v4.2 Release

Huntington Beach, CA – April 3, 2001: Automated Solutions Group today
announced the release of QuickCode Pro 4.2 for the Macintosh, the popular
assistant editor for 4th Dimension.

QuickCode Pro (QCP) dramatically enhances the 4th Dimension method editor
with a host of features designed to simplify and accelerate the process of
writing 4D code.

What’s new in QuickCode Pro 4.2

– There are several new options you can use in the replace string for
regular expressions, including options to change the case of portions of
the matched string. Please see the main documentation for details.

– Regular expression (regex) searching and replacing has been added! For
information, please see the main documentation.

– If using 4D 6.5.5+, the Method Tool now has an Open by name menu item
that allows you to open a method by full or partial name. You can also
press Command-D to do this anywhere in the Design environment, even if a
method editor window is not frontmost!

– You can now define macro variables at runtime using the QCP plugin
command QCP SET MACRO VARIABLE. This allows you to create generic macros
that will behave differently in different databases. Please see the main
documentation for more info.

– The comment wrapping algorithm has been totally rewritten to keep 4D
syntactical constructs together as much as possible, including table
references with embedded spaces.

– Once the find and replace dialog is open, you can set the find and
replace strings from the currently selected text by pressing
Command-Shift-F and Command-Shift-R respectively.

– When balancing control structures, the entire line at the beginning and
end of the control structure is selected. This makes it easier to cut the
complete control structure after balancing.

– The Entire Word option for searching does a better job of determining if
the matched text falls completely on word boundaries, taking into account
variable prefixes.

– Comment wrapping does a better job of maintaining a complete lexical
entity such as a table name in square brackets, enclosed strings,
parameters, etc.

– A new Filter Tool has been added with the all-popular Get Locals and Swap
Assignments functions that were in v3.5. Please see the main documentation
for more info on these functions.

– The Marker Tool now recognizes markers in comments anywhere on a line,
not just at the beginning of the line.

– Zoom to Fit will now ensure that all of the toolbar tools remain visible.

– You can now set an indent which is used by the AutoComment feature when
auto-wrapping comments. See Setting Global Preferences in the main
documentation for more info.

– You

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