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For Immediate Release: Saturday, March 31, 2001

Galactic Dreams Software proudly presents METAL v1.7a!

METAL v1.7a is a 100% free extended BASIC language metacompiler. See below
for download info.

One of the fastest BASICs around, METAL (Meta Language) has a rich command
library that includes powerful graphics, sound, speech, math and file I/O

METAL is a complete programming environment that readily produces
standalones and features numerous examples, 5700 lines of hypertextual
documentation and a pleasant to use editor.

METAL is used in scientific research around the globe (quick calculations),
in software development companies (for prototyping), in K-12 and higher
education and, of course, by the beginners who are trying to enter the
world of programming.

What’s new in METAL v1.7a (a brief summary):
– vastly improved compiler stability
– better editor
– better help system
– tremendously improved error reporting
– new loop constructs
– new constructs for other types of flow control
– binary file I/O
– 37 new commands

****** Download it now! ********

You have nothing to lose, because METAL is completely free!
Get the newest version from the Galactic Dreams Software homepage:

METAL v1.7a will soon be available on all Info-Mac archives.
(named metal-17a.hqx)

Distribution: METAL is authorized for distribution on “free and public
software archives,” computer magazines and Shareware/PD CDs priced at $15
or less. Everyone else, please contact the author for permission. Also, the
author recommends everyone planning the distribution to drop a note to the
author nevertheless.

Write to the author (Marin Saric) for any suggestions (there is a growing
wish-list), comments, bug-reports, questions, contact or anything else at:

Marin Saric

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