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CtoFB3: Translates C to FutureBASIC^3

CtoFB3 translates functions and programs from the C programming language
into FutureBASIC^3 LOCAL FNs requiring minimal editing. CtoFB3 gives
FutureBasic^3 programmers easier access to the substantial C Libraries that
are widely available.

CtoFB3 is in the final stages of development and has been released so that
programmers can take advantage of its power now. Almost all C statements
and operators are currently handled. Code fragments and entire programs can
be translated, including those containing multiple nested include

The current beta and details can be found at

CtoFB3 is being released as freeware for FB programmers, however, if you
use CtoFB3 in a project please credit this program, CtoFB3, and the author,
Michael Kluskens, in your program’s About Box. Commercial distribution of
CtoFB3 is prohibited without written permission from the author.

CtoFB3 is a compiled PowerPC FutureBASIC^3 application (StazSoftware
FutureBASIC^3 is a development environment which compiles compact and fast
code (which runs at near C speeds). Being based on BASIC it is easy to
learn and enables rapid development of complete professional Mac
applications. Further details about FutureBASIC^3 can be obtained at

by Michael Kluskens

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