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Mac Care Unit

Casady & Greene Announces the Retail Release of Mac Care Unit For Macintosh

Award-winning collection of 7 best-of-class products for the Diagnosis,
Cure, and Prevention of Mac Problems

Salinas, CA, March 7, 2001: Casady & Greene, Inc. announces the retail
release of Mac Care Unit(TM) for Macintosh, a unique utility suite of 7
award-winning products from four preeminent Mac developers. Casady & Greene
has joined forces with Alsoft Inc., Connectix Corporation, and Intego to
bring seven top-rated Macintosh utilities together on one CD. This
exceptional collection showcases products recognized by Mac review editors
as best-of-class utilities for the diagnosis, cure and prevention of
problems experienced by most Mac users.

Mac Care Unit includes full versions of 7 top-rated products:

Conflict Catcher 8 by Casady & Greene is the #1 must-have utility for
managing files as well as conflict-testing startup files that cause crashes
or freezes on a Mac. With over 5000 file descriptions, Conflict Catcher can
readily identify almost every startup file on your Mac. Conflict Catcher
can rebuild the desktop as well as scan for damaged files or folders.
Conflict Catcher’s Clean-Install System Merge capability saves hours or
even days of manual work when you’re installing a clean operating system,
by easily merging a previous system folder into a clean system folder.
Conflict Catcher 8 is the 1998 Macworld Eddy Award Winner.

Chaos Master, now published by Casady & Greene, brings order to your hard
drive and frees up hard drive space by removing duplicate or unwanted
files, fixing broken files and aliases, cleaning-up internet cache files,
and updating existing applications using the power of
It seamlessly combines fourteen disk and file management utilities in an
easy-to-use and intuitive application.

DiskWarrior by Alsoft is the just-released version of the top-rated disk
repair software product. It prevents and eliminates directory damage on
your computer. DiskWarrior gives you error-free directories on your disks,
recovers lost data, and prevents unseen directory problems from snowballing
into data loss. DiskWarrior’s patent-pending method of rebuilding a new
replacement directory offers unparalleled repair capability for every
possible directory error, something that no other disk utility can claim.
DiskWarrior is the 1999 Macworld Eddy Award Winner.

PlusOptimizer by Alsoft speeds up your disks safely and effectively by
defragmenting your files and consolidating free space. Each time you save a
file to your hard disk, the potential exists for the file to be broken into
two or more fragments and stored in different locations. To read the entire
fragmented file, your drive must move its search from one part of a disk to
another, which can noticeably reduce your file access speed. All disks will
become fragmented over time, and this can occur much more rapidly when
using certain applications such as video editors. PlusOptimizer is the 1999
Macworld Eddy Award Winner.

CopyAgent by Connectix allows users to safely and easily automate backups,
copies, and file synchronizations, using flexible scheduling. CopyAgent
copies files up to two times faster when backing up over a network, and
provides the added security of erasure of data when emptying your system’s
trash. CopyAgent was a 2000 Macworld Eddy Award Nominee.

NetBarrier by Intego is the ultimate security solution, protecting your
computer from intrusions with three levels of defense: a personal firewall,
an anti-vandal detector, and a network filter. Fully customizable,
NetBarrier ensures that you have the ultimate protection against threats
from the Internet. NetBarrier is a must-have for computers with permanent
internet connections, such as DSL, cable modem, T1 or T3 connections.
NetBarrier was a 2000 Macworld Eddy Award Nominee.

VirusBarrier by Intego provides protection from viruses transmitted when
downloading files, receiving e-mail, and transmitting documents over the
Internet. VirusBarrier is the first non-intrusive anti-virus program for
the Mac that can analyze and disinfect open files or files currently in
use, providing an additional level of protection. VirusBarrier’s NetUpdate
function automatically updates the program via the Internet.

System Requirements
Mac Care Unit works with Mac OS 8.1-9.1. Conflict Catcher’s Clean-Install
System Merge feature is optimized for the US operating system. CopyAgent
requires Mac OS 8.5 or later.

Pricing and Availability
Mac Care Unit is shipping to retail stores now. Mac Care Unit has an
estimated street price (ESP) of $129.95. This formidable collection of
utilities would cost over $400 if all products were purchased separately:
Conflict Catcher 8 (ESP) $79.95 US
Chaos Master (ESP) $49.95 US
CopyAgent (ESP) $39 US
DiskWarrior (ESP) $69.95 US
PlusOptimizer (ESP) $39.95 US
NetBarrier (ESP) $74.95 US
VirusBarrier (ESP) $69.95 US

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