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MacZoop 2.5 GM

2nd March, 2001

MacZoop 2.5 GM is now available.

MacZoop, the popular and free C++ framework for creating Macintosh
applications, version 2.5 has finally gone golden. This comprehensive
update has been painstakingly developed over the last six months or so and
is now more powerful, scalable and usable than ever.

New features at a glance:

* Comprehensive Views architecture makes creating complex user interfaces a
* Many new views classes prebuilt for creating cool user interfaces
* Fully appearance-savvy
* New dialog layer completely built on views – problematic Dialog Manager no
longer involved
* Greater scalability to larger projects while retaining simplicity for
small ones
* Fully Carbon compliant – same source will compile to classic 68K and
PowerPC, Carbon for Mac OS 8/9 and X.
* Built-in tooltip support
* Many objects enhanced and rationalised without sacrificing code
* Tabbed dialog interfaces can be built with one line of code
* Powerful new list interface class
* New text class. All editing is now fully undoable
* MPW compliant right out of the box – no longer requires changes to the
code to use MPW (Make files included)
* Updated demo illustrates many of the new classes and features

These new features build on MacZoop’s traditional strengths of ease of use,
high-level design, stability and value to greatly improve its utility and
value to developers. This has been done without sacrificing the
approachability and shallow learning curve the framework offers to
newcomers to C++ or the Mac platform. The SDK is available completely free
of charge, and there is free technical support available via the friendly
mailing list.

For more details and to download the latest version, visit the MacZoop website:

MacZoop is a non-commercial free download created for the general benefit
of the Mac developer community, written by Graham Cox.

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