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Infragistics Releases New PowerChart, JSuite and JFCSuite Products

Infragistics Releases New PowerChart, JSuite and JFCSuite Products

Java Components for Enhanced Presentation Layer Interfaces Make Life Easier
for Java Developers and Allow for Richer Applications

Cranbury, N.J. – February 22, 2001 — Infragistics, formed by the merger of
ProtoView Development and Sheridan Software, today announced the release of
JSuite 5.0 and JFCSuite 5.0. Either Suite of Java components allows Java
developers to add a feature-rich presentation layer to their applications
quickly, easily and cost effectively. Simultaneously, Infragistics
announced the release of version 2.0 of PowerChart, which is included with
JSuite and JFCSuite, and also available separately.

Both JSuite, for use in AWT Java development environments or as JavaBeans,
and JFCSuite, for use in Swing Java development environments, provide a
full range of interface components. Each Suite includes charting, a grid,
data input components, an explorer, a tree and calendaring-comprising the
most complete set of UI components available for the Java developer. For
developers endeavoring to migrate legacy applications to Java, these
components can provide the visual interfaces familiar to their users.

We have added many powerful features to both of our Java Suites, and made
a number of significant additions to PowerChart, states Infragistics CEO
Dean Guida. Weve included sophisticated chart types such as bubble and
scatter, with advanced features such as automatic congestion control. And
PowerChart can remain on the server and render full featured JPEG format
charts on the client machine, providing a new dimension for high
performance, low overhead implementation of charting.

The data presented in Infragistics Java charts and grids can be
synchronized-changes made in one can automatically be reflected in the
other. PowerChart also features ActiveImage, an exclusive technology that
allows the developer to use image mapping to its fullest potential, on
either server-side or client-side imagemaps. And convenience is built
in-this new feature automatically generates the scripts needed for event
delegation, seamlessly and accurately.

Other key new features include updates for the JFCSuite JFCDataTable (which
extends JTable), featuring column locking, cell merging, sorting, in-cell
validation, printing, synchronized scrolling across multiple grids, and
more. JSuite components, including the new DataExplorerJ, can now be
implemented in web applications without writing a single line of Java code,
using the new applet wrappers and JavaScript or VBScript.

Also included in both Suites are a new drop-down calculator and a
color-picker. The calculator can be used alone or as an in-cell editor in
several of Infragistics Java components, is fully customizable, and can be
configured to accomplish industry-specific calculations or tasks.

PowerChart 2.0 (both Swing and AWT versions are included in the stand-alone
product) retails for $695. It is available with a one-year subscription for
$945. Both JSuite 5.0 and JFCSuite 5.0 retail for $995, and each is
available with Subscription Service and in an Enterprise Edition, as well.
Subscription Service retails for $1,495, and includes one-year of automatic
FREE upgrades, inclusive of any new products added to the respective

Suite. Enterprise Edition retails for $1,995, and includes Subscription
Service and a one-year priority support package. Both Suites are also
available with source code and in 5-user, 10-user and corporate (25 or more
users) pricing models. See Infragistics web site,,
for complete details and to download trial versions.

Infragistics Java products are available in ESD (electronic) format only.
Infragistics products are sold through domestic and international partners
such as ComponentSource, Corporate Software, DevX Marketplace, Programmers
Paradise, The Programmers Supershop, and VBXtras.

About Infragistics

Formed through the merger of ProtoView Development Corporation and Sheridan
Software Systems, Inc., Infragistics provides a broad infrastructure of
components and services for building web-based applications utilizing Java,
COM, and .NET environments. Both Sheridan and ProtoView have been market
leaders since the inception of the software component market in the early
1990s. Combined, the companies have received 185 product awards and
industry vendor of the year awards from market-leading publications and
resellers. Infragistics diverse product line for Java and COM environments
are used worldwide in nearly every Fortune 2000-company, over 85,000
corporations and 187,000 independent developers and consultants.
Infragistics can be reached at 1-800-231-8588 and through its new web site,

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