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FoldersSynchronizer 2.0

Dear Sir/Madam,
please note we posted the final version 2.0 of our Mac Shareware “FoldersSynchronizer”.

Product Page:

To be removed (we apologize):

What’s new in the 2.0
* x2 faster than 1.X versions.
* Drang and drop.
* Background running mode.
* Resolves aliases.
* Up to 8 lists for each area available by pop-up menu.
* 4MB of free RAM only.
* Never need to increase the application memory. Never.
* Saves and Opens “Configuration Files” and configure all the FS options.
* Drag the Configuration Files on the console and configure all the FS options.
* Fully Mac Appearances.
* Copies the custom icons.
* Copies all the finder file/folder attributes.
* Allows to choose different disks with same names.
* Allows to backup from CDs.
* Balloon Help.
* PDF User’s Manual.

Best Regards

Softobe (News)

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