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VirusBarrier 1.0 for the Palm OS


Miami, Florida, February 28, 2001 — Intego, a leading provider of
Macintosh Internet security software, today announced the release of
VirusBarrier 1.0 for the Palm OS. VirusBarrier solves the growing problem
of viruses on Palm OS devices, by scanning the PDA and detecting virus
infected files, and deleting them, to ensure that they do not propagate.
VirusBarrier for Palm OS runs on all Palm OS compatible devices – Palm,
Handspring, IBM and others.

With more than 11 million Palm OS PDAs sold around the world, it didn’t
take long for virus writers to start targeting these devices. As more Palm
users connect to the Internet, these viruses spread rapidly. The Palm OS
version of the acclaimed VirusBarrier antivirus program will protect Palm
PDAs from all known viruses, keeping data safe.

Intego is committed to providing thorough virus protection for Palm OS
devices. As new viruses are found, updates will be made available on
Intego’s web site.

“The virus threat on Palm OS devices is real. As virus writers realize that
they have a new playing field, more and more viruses will be discovered,”
said Laurent Marteau, CEO, Intego. “VirusBarrier is your insurance against
all kinds of viruses-it watches over your Palm PDA so you don’t have to
worry about them.”

VirusBarrier for Palm OS is available immediately for $14.95 from
retailers, including, CompUSA, MacZone,, Computertown,
Club Mac, MacWarehouse, MacMall, ComputerWare, Computer Store Northwest,
J&R, Microcenter, CDW, DevDepot, and from 200 Apple Specialists (see
list on the Intego web site) an online at
( System requirements are a
Palm OS compatible device (Palm, Handspring, IBM, etc.) with Palm OS 2.05
or later. VirusBarrier uses 25K of RAM.

For more information, contact Intego, 6301 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33141
Tel: (305) 868-7920 fax: (305) 868-7938 Web site:
( email:

About Intego

Intego, the i-security software company, publishes security software for
the Macintosh, and its products are currently sold in 65 countries. With
three essential products, Intego focuses on all aspects of the computer
security market: antivirus protection, intrusion prevention and content

In less than two years, NetBarrier has become the world leader in personal
firewalls for the Macintosh. VirusBarrier, Intego’s acclaimed antivirus
solution, has been a resounding success since its launch in July 2000, and
VirusBarrier for Palm OS is also available. ContentBarrier, Intego’s
parental control program, provides parental control functions, and Intego’s
Internet Security Barrier suite, containing NetBarrier, VirusBarrier and
ContentBarrier is also available.

Intego was founded in May 1999 by a collection of highly-motivated
engineers and high-profile marketing, finance and sales managers to
leverage their extensive knowledge of network security and the Mac
environment to corporate, individual and educational users worldwide.
Intego has grown 500% in the year 2000, and 2001 will help maintain this
exceptional growth through the release of other new, innovative computer
security products. The privately-held company has its headquarters in
Miami, Florida and in Paris, France.

Intego. We protect your world.

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