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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DACONS INTERNATIONAL INC for Mac 1.1 released! The ULTIMATE e-mail plug-in for FileMaker Pro

Dacons International announces the release of version 1.1 of the highly
popular e-mail plug-in ‘’.

This free upgrade includes:

– optimized memory management
– better handling of large attachments
– even faster receiving and sending
– resolves conflict with some servers that use ‘multi-line’ protocol
– resolves issues with some network configurations
– ‘Save as’ dialog for incoming attachment with an existing name
– now with ‘Register Engine’ to supply you with upgrades much faster
– improved ‘Demo-Files’

Here are some of the powerful features of for Mac.
-send/receive e-mail (including attachments in all common formats) will create a new record for each mail received
-incoming attachments will be stored in any local or network folder
-integrated e-mail account manager
-more than two dozen powerful external functions
-choose your field names for e-mail’To’,’From’,’CC’,’Subject’and’Body’
-full HTML/rich text support for incoming e-mails
-auto-reply function (with script)
-check for e-mail in a user specified interval – integrated timer
-full special character support for all western languages

Implement mass-mailings, manage and organize e-mail with this versatile
plug-in. Create powerful e-mail solutions for your customers!

Download the fully working trial version of for Mac now at
It is free and it includes a great set of demo files and a very easy to
read tutorial that will have you sending and receiving e-mail in minutes. for Mac is available in single user, network and developer
licenses starting at only US$ 59.00 for the complete plug-in.

For more detailed information about and other great plug-ins visit
us at or write to

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