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REAL Software Ships REALbasic 3


REALbasic 3 supports Mac OS X, improves Windows compilation, adds numerous

February 12, 2001. Austin, TX – REAL Software, Inc. today shipped REALbasic
3, the latest version of its award-winning software. REALbasic runs on Mac
OS X as well as earlier versions of Macintosh System software. It allows
programmers of all skill levels to develop their software with a single set
of user interface elements and code to compile native applications for
Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows without requiring any platform-specific

“My team is much more productive with REALbasic than with our old methods”,
said Michael Connolly, Group Program Manager of the Macintosh Business Unit
at Microsoft. “Using REALbasic to prototype, design, and test interfaces
allows us to develop new features for Office and Internet Explorer in a
fraction of the time. REALbasic is a crucial tool for my team.”

REALbasic is the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software
for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows. REALbasic is easy enough for
beginners and powerful enough for professionals to use. Having a problem
that needs solving is all that is required to benefit from using REALbasic.

REALbasic 3 continues REAL Software’s quest to deliver outstanding tools to
the Macintosh user community. This release provides exciting new
functionality in addition to the ability to run on and compile for Mac OS
X. These new features include an all new animation engine, revamped
database features, enhancements to the Code editor and debugger, Crash
recovery, searchable online reference, AppleScriptable compilation process,
vastly improved Windows support, and more.

“REALbasic 3 delivers what our customers have asked for: Mac OS X support;
greatly improved Windows functionality; an enhanced IDE that substantially
increases productivity; and more”, said Geoff Perlman, CEO of REAL
Software. “Our users have told us they would never go back to using the
previous version after trying REALbasic 3.”

REALbasic is available for US$149.95 for the Standard Edition and US$349.95
for the Professional Edition packages. REAL Software offers academic and
volume discounts as well as license-only options. In addition to US
English, REALbasic is available in Dutch, French, German, Italian,
Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.

About REAL Software:

REAL Software, Inc. was founded in 1996 and is based in Austin, Texas. For
more information visit or call 512.263.1233.

For more information about REALbasic 3, visit:

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