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SurfDoubler 6.8.1

Subject: Vicomsoft News Alert: Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler 6.8.1
Released for MacOS

After working closely with Apple engineers Vicomsoft are pleased to release
an update of their Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler 6.8 to work with the
latest MacOS 9.1.

The new version – 6.8.1 – is now 100% compatible with Apple’s latest Mac OS
9.1 and brings with it all the features added for version 6.8 – including
the ability to support a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using PPTP (point to
Point Tunnelling Protocol). With the latest Internet Gateway and
SurfDoubler any one computer at a time can be a PPTP Client on your network
– creating a secure private network across the Internet.

Version 6.8.1 of the Vicomsoft Internet Gateway now has the ability to run
the RapidCache server (included in all Suites – and optional with the
Modular Internet Gateway) with large hard drive partitions in excess of 30
gigabytes. The benefits of the RapidCache server represent huge time and
bandwidth savings and can now be utilized even with large server set ups –
perfect for corporate and education users!

For a FREE UPDATE to 6.8.1 from 6.7 or 6.8 of your existing Internet
Gateway or SurfDoubler for Mac go to

And if you haven’t yet seen the latest version of Vicomsoft’s Internet
Connectivity and Management solutions you can download a FREE TRIAL of
Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler at

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