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MySQL Plugin 1.1


Essence Software has released MySQL Plugin 1.1. MySQL Plugin is a plugin
for the REALbasic development environment on the MacOS. This plugin allows
developers to communicate with MySQL database servers from their
applications. MySQL Plugin 1.1 fully supports the REALbasic Database API,
including adding databases to the project.

This release of Essence Software’s MySQL Plugin uses wholly new libraries,
the source code to which is now available from the Essence Software
website. The new MySQL Client Library from Essence Software is free for use
by C developers, and is based upon the MySQL 3.23.29 release.

Also new for this release, Essence Software have dropped the price of their
MySQL plugin. The new pricing is as follows:

Commercial License – $30
Academic License – $10

At present, the MySQL Plugin only supports Classic MacOS. A release will be
made in the near future that also supports Win32. A Carbon port of the
MySQL Client Library is presently in progress.

James Milne
Essence Software

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