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db Reports 2.3

From: Aaron Bratcher (

I am very please to report that db Reports 2.3 is now available for
download at

db Reports is a Database report writing application for the Macintosh that
supports several data sources. See web site for a list of supported sources.

The program has a step-by-step process for helping you create a report. It
supports data grouping with aggregate results. Expressions allow you to use
math, logical, and string functions for a very flexible reporting

By default, report templates are saved as XML files, but they can be
encoded and optionally password protected. Protected files can be previewed
and printed, but not edited.

REALbasic developers can include and print pre-made reports with their

Version 2.3 adds the following:

mySQL Support (yeah!)
Longer expressions are now accepted (up to 32K)
Number formatting property
Tab key now selects next object

These bug fixes/changes:

UserID and Password to source database is now saved with the report
template ODBC source now asks for the name of the source instead of having
user pick

This update is available at

Aaron Bratcher
Got Data? See it with db Reports

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