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Fetch Author Launches Fetch Softworks, Version 4


HANOVER, N.H. – Jim Matthews, author of the popular Macintosh FTP program
“Fetch,” announces the launch of a new company to further develop and
market the award-winning file transfer utility. Fetch Softworks has
licensed the Fetch source code and name from Dartmouth College and will
offer a free public test release of Fetch 4.0 beginning Tuesday, January 9,

“I am excited by this opportunity to enhance Fetch and to offer its many
users a long awaited upgrade,” said Matthews. “Fetch 4.0 implements users’
suggestions in areas ranging from security to interface and incorporates
the latest operating system technologies.”

Fetch, first developed in 1989 to address Dartmouth College’s internal file
transfer needs, was one of the first graphical FTP clients on any platform
and remains the most popular file transfer utility for the Macintosh.
Millions of copies of Fetch have been distributed and used to transfer
countless web pages, data sets, and digital photos of items for auction on

Fetch 4.0 includes dozens of new features, including support for eleven
different proxy servers, folder mirroring, integration with BBEdit, Graphic
Converter and QuickTime, Keychain support, server-server transfers,
contextual menus, Kerberos security and a streamlined, updated user
interface.* Additionally, Fetch 4.0 is optimized for Mac OS X, with an Aqua
user interface. Already popular for its reliability, ease of use, and
compatibility, Fetch will offer its loyal users even greater flexibility,
security, and convenience in version 4.0.

Starting January 9, 2001, users may purchase Fetch 3.0.3 for $25 from Fetch
Softworks and receive a free upgrade to the final release of Fetch 4.0 once
it is completed. A free public test version of Fetch 4.0 is available
immediately. For these products as well as information about other
licensing options, visit the Fetch Softworks website:

Fetch Softworks will be exhibiting at the eSellerate booth, #2311, at the
MacWorld Expo San Francisco, January 9-12, 2001.

For further information on contact:

Fetch Softworks
PO Box 5612
Hanover, NH 03755

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