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CodeBurst Library for WebSiphon

We’ve just released The CodeBurst Library for WebSiphon, which offers
strong encryption (using Blowfish) for encoding and creating tamper
resistent database records, strings, URLs, HTML form arguments and more.

Pricing is $199, but 50% off until Dec 31.

We’ve also released The ZipBurst 2.0 CGI Lite and Pro versions for MacOS.
The Lite version contains a complete multi-threaded database search engine
with highly extendible tags for controlling every aspect of your return
pages, even the MIME type. The CGI addresses many issues we found lacking
when serving web databases with FileMaker Pro, including performance
issues, security, sharing the CPU with other applications, multi-threading
large and small database searches, and issues that ISPs face when hosting
multiple users on the same web server (like letting each customer name
their databases what ever they like!). We also designed it so that users
don’t need a second server for serving databases. With the Lite version you
can serve an unlimitted number of users, databases, and virtual domains.

The Pro version includes everything that the Lite version has, with the
added feature of enabling distance or location-based searches by US
ZIPcode, Canadian Postal Codes, city, state, or area code.

The Lite version is $199 and is 50% off until Dec 31.

The Pro US version starts at $650 and is $450 until Dec 31. (Licenses
for location-based searches are purchased for a 12 month period per
location-based database search that you are hosting.) US-only,
Canada-only and US/Canada licenses are available. After 12 months a new
license must be purchased for the database.

We have also reduce prices on all our other apps until Dec 31.

For questions or comments, please write or phone

David Dantowitz — DC&R 201-532-3053

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