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DAVE for Mac OS X

Thursby Announces DAVE for Mac OS X

Arlington Texas, Thursby Software Systems announced today that the company
will demonstrate a Mac OS X version of its popular DAVE fileshare software
at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. “This reflects our commitment to the
development of products for Apples Mac OS X operating system,” said
company president William Thursby. “Since Mac OS X is much more
sophisticated than Apples current operating system, we literally started
from ground zero, using the knowledge and experience weve gained from the
success of DAVE to totally reengineer DAVE for Mac OS X to take full
advantage of this new platform.”

At Macworld, Thursby plans to show just how unique DAVE for Mac OS X will
be. “We have worked closely with our counterparts at Apple to make certain
the user experience is the same whether they mount an Apple or a PC
volume,” says Vice President of Engineering for Thursby, Paul Nelson. “Our
goal is to be totally integrated with Mac OS X. Apple is making specific
improvements to Mac OS X to make DAVE the easiest and most scaleable
solution for sharing resources with Windows. This unprecedented cooperation
insures that we can deliver the most integrated product weve developed
during our 15 years in the business.”

DAVE for Mac OS X is expected to be available within 90 days of Apples
formal release of the new operating system. It will have the advantages
users have come to expect from the current DAVE, including:

– Fully integrated with the new Mac OS X operating system
– Peer-to-peer file and print sharing with both PCs and Macintosh systems
– No additional hardware or software required for the PC
– Uses TCP/IP instead of AppleTalk
– Security-Domain Logon for logging onto Microsoft networks

Stop by the Thursby Software Exhibit (booth 2211) at Macworld Expo in San
Francisco for a demonstration of DAVE for Mac OS X.

Thursby Software Systems has been developing, supporting and marketing a
wide variety of file share and print share software solutions since 1986.
In addition to DAVE and the new DAVE for Mac OS X, Thursby products include
MacSOHO, TSStalk and MacNFS.

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