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OpenStrip 0.2: Open Source Control Strip of Mac OS X

From: “Joseph J. Strout” (
Subject: [ANN] OpenStrip v0.2

I’ve just posted version 0.2 of OpenStrip, the open-source replacement for
the Control Strip for Mac OS X.

This version includes the following improvements:

– implemented SBLoadPreferences and SBSavePreferences

– modules now receive a sdevSaveSettings message before closing

– strip window position is now saved between runs

– OpenStrip now responds to the Quit AppleEvent; this means that it quits
properly when the system is shutting down, or when the Quit command under
the application menu is used

These changes constitute a significant step forward over the last release
of OpenStrip. OpenStrip comes with several built-in modules (including a
digital clock that doesn’t get in your way!), and should be immediately
useful to users of OS X. Additional modules are under development, and I
encourage the authors of any Control Strip modules to contact me about
updating those modules for OS X.

For more information, or to download OpenStrip, point your browser to:

OpenStrip is free and open-source. Other developers are encouraged to
participate in making OpenStrip better. Share and enjoy!

Joseph J. Strout

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