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Terra Soft Announces Support for New Hardware


Loveland, CO — 13 September 2000 — Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., the
leading developer of Linux solutions for PowerPC(tm) microprocessors, has
announced an update to its Champion Server flavor of Yellow Dog Linux with
support for new Apple hardware.

The updated Champion Server v1.2.1 includes a beta kernel which supports
Apple’s dual-processor G4s recently introduced at Macworld Expo, New York.
This experimental kernel allows owners of the newest G4 Power Macintosh
systems to utilize both processors (at the time of this release, the level
2 cache is not enabled). This kernel update was created by Troy
Benjegerdes, software engineer at Terra Soft Solutions, while working with
the DOE Scalable Computing Lab (SCL), Ames, Iowa in conjunction with
Benjamin Herrenschmidt, a PowerPC Linux developer.

“When Apple releases new hardware between our revisions, installation can
be tricky because the kernel on the CD does not always work with the new
hardware. This update will allow out-of-box installation on newer hardware
such as the 2000 PowerBook G3 –which to this point has been far from
hassle free,” states Dan Burcaw, CTO for Terra Soft Solutions.

Champion Server 1.2.1 is the last release of Yellow Dog Linux focused
specifically for servers and development workstations. Yellow Dog Linux
2.0, expected later this year, will incorporate features of both Champion
Server and Gone Home on one CD-ROM. Users will be able to install Linux
based upon their needs and experience.

Terra Soft Solutions is taking pre-orders for Champion Server 1.2.1 online

The public beta of the kernel update is available for free at:

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. is a leading developer of innovative
technologies for PowerPC Linux. Champion Server, their flagship product,
has boosted viability of Linux for PowerPC in a wide range of server
applications. For more information, please visit and

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